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Gregory Bateson

PRO - AML Anti Money Laundering


PRO-AML – Anti Money Laundering is a powerful solution that offers all functionalities needed in the daily compliance routine for an effective work against the risks caused trough money laundering. Local and EU requirements are taken into account the by the monitoring of transactions and name checking, who together with processing of detected cases and reporting are the main modules of PRO-AML

PRO-AML is compatible to ISO 17799 concerning security and contained complete audit trails and history of all activities. Comprehensive filter and search methods ensure high level of detecting accuracy and maximum affectivity in name checking against embargo sanctions and PEP lists. All activities concerning applied filter methods their management and application are recorded and can serve as a proof to the regulation authorities in the auditing process

Using a comprehensive compliance library and optimized decision logic guarantee a high level of security for any individual situation and compliance gaps are eliminated. The technology includes in addition to comprehensive filters also adaptive methods based on intelligent recognition of patterns for reliable detection of conspicuous and suspicious money laundering behavior. The individually defined decision logic is adjusted to the resources available in the compliance department.