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PRO - Rating & Scoring Systems

PRO - Rating & Scoring is an All-in-One platform for intelligent customer analysis and fully integrated business process management. Combining methodological uniqueness with extraordinary user friendliness and full integration in one, it has been qualified by worlds leading professionals as a best-of-breed solution

It includes PRO–CR complete “Customer Intelligence” solution based on advanced analytical methodology for evaluation of customer’s risk and potential and PRO–Direct Rating a web based scoring and rating system which also provides full coverage of related business process management such as Loan Generation, Credit Approval Process, Limit Management, etc.



Unique analytical platform which provides in a fully automated way:


PRO-Direct Rating »

Being one of the most advanced Rating and Scoring systems worldwide it includes:

  • Web based facilities for Credit Rating/Scoring estimation
  • Multilingual Graphical User Interface
  • Complete Business Process Management
  • Limit Management
  • Project and Recourses Management
  • Data and Document Management
  • Early Warning and Surveillance System (KPI & KRI)
  • Communication Management (E-Mail, SMS, etc.)
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