... The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers ...

Arthur Koestler

Why should I ?

Employees share their experience at Cnet Group

Viktor, Business Development, has joint Cnet Group in 2005

“... What I found here is more than a job with a competitive salary. It is a work place with very good educated professionals, people who identify themselves with the company. One has the feeling to belong to a family where everybody cares to everyone. Every single person has an important role, having responsibilities and continuously facing interesting challenges..

Cnet Group attaches great importance to quality and it suits perfect to my personality. The company has grown very fast in the last years having its customers always in focus, delivering “all-in-one” solutions and excellent technical expertise and I think the company is heading in the right direction. I enjoy every single day at the company working with the people here”


Alexander, Senior Consultant, has joint Cnet Group in 2001

“I am working for the company since the very beginning and I was witness of the effort of highly skilled people to build up something unique. I still remember my first days at the company where I was impressed by the people and especially the ambitious way of approaching customers, resolving their problems and helping them in the development of their business. I was young, ambitious with less experience but I was given the chance to join and learn from a team that was very internationally orientated.

People here are friendly and easy to work with. The combination of know-how and personal qualities creates a pleasant and productive environment which stimulates as an outcome high quality results. For each question I have or problem I face, I receive support to find a solution and learn from it, one can literally “smell” company’s spirit. The company is multicultural and I like it very much because the people are open minded and in many ways very creative.”


Anton, Business Analyst, has joint Cnet Group in 2008

“I have worked in several international companies which had great ideas but unfortunately were big enough and already on the limit to sink in its own “Swamp” of bureaucracy and more focused on the management of the management itself than on making potential and existing customers happy. There were companies within the company which you had to “fight” against all the time if you were trying to achieve something.

At Cnet Group it is exactly the opposite! Everyone can bring new ideas and these ideas are discussed and made reality. All pull together on the same line towards a common goal. Once we reach the goal it is recognized as a joint and collective achievement of all of us.”