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James Cash Penney

Solution Partners

Cnet Group is proud in working together with worlds leading companies in the fields of Enterprise Performance and Risk Management and Financial Analysis. Main distinctive and identifying characteristic of these companies is that they are Pioneers and Industry Leaders and not just followers. They lead the whole industry to new horizons and discover new groundbreaking perspectives.


Gewerbeweg 15
FL-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

+41 79 431 82 32

Developer & provider of new generation software solutions for risk and profit optimisation with expertise in data exploration based on knowledge in neuro evolution.

Rua Arq. Francisco Keil de Amaral, N.º 15 2725-638 Mem Martins Algueirão, Portugal

+351 211 942 418

The company develops and implements global concepts and sophisticated software solutions, always tailored to the needs of their customers.