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Itzhak Perlman


Webinars are short 1 to 2 hours sessions in which you get to know the products and services offered by Cnet Group in a real time environment. In this first contact we make a high level presentation of our offering in a specific area and focus on how typical issues and problems can be solved.

Connecting online to a WEBEX session directly from your desk you will be participating in an interactive session where we will present our innovative concepts, products and services. The goal is during this first contact to make a high level presentation of our offering and start a discussion of how we can help you in solving problems and tackle critical issues.

Once we have quickened your appetite we will organize a detailed presentation (personal or online) and will explain in detail our approach, we will discuss possible project scenarios and answer all your questions conceptual, functional and technical.


In order to be able to participate in a Webinar session you need high speed internet access and a fixed line telephone connection or SKYPE connection. Any Firewalls shall be switched off during the WEBEX session. For participation in a Webinar you will get an E-Mail invitation with the corresponding Webinar link and code after a successful registration.

Usually Webinars are carried out Free of Charge. Webinar scissions outside our general agenda and standard topic coverage can be organized at any time very quickly upon request.