... One of the most important elements in teaching, conducting, and performing, all three, is listening ...

Itzhak Perlman


Seminars are usually related to a concrete business area such as Credit Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management or Business Performance Management.

Within sessions of 1, 2 or 3 days we make you familiar with theoretical concepts and approaches. Present and discuss industry specific case studies. Along with the theoretical know-how transfer we demonstrate how real business issues and problems are solved.

In order to respond to needs and requirements of professionals with different levels of preparation and experience we offer seminars with different levels of intensity and complexity.

Institutions and individual professionals can choose between following courses:

  • 1-day Seminars
  • 2-day Seminars
  • 3-day Seminars
  • Master Classes

We also offer company tailored concepts for know-how transfer and ongoing theoretical and practical support.