...The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery ...

Mark Van Doren

Cnet Group Academy

Cnet Group offers broad series of trainings, seminars, courses and certification programs in many different areas such as Professional Education and Training, Financial Analysis, Credit Risk Management, Operational and Enterprise Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Enterprise Performance Management and many others.

Our main goal is to build a bridge between the theoretical concepts and knowledge on one hand and the best industry practices on the other hand in each of the areas mentioned above. We share our year long hands-on experience with you and focus your attention on how to solve real situations by applying praxis approved methods, models and tools.

Participating in our seminars you will also get the chance to learn more about world’s leading solutions and see in real time how severe projects and tasks can be handled easily and efficiently and difficult questions answered. You will see how applying world’s most innovative and unique in its nature solutions you can significantly increase the overall performance and efficiency of your institution.