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Mattie Stepanek

Partnership with Cnet Group

Cnet Group has considerable experience in offering cutting edge technology and high quality professional services to financial and non-financial institutions. We are always looking for new groundbreaking solutions to expand our product portfolio and range of consulting services

Partnership with Cnet Group will bring following benefits:

Market coverage

  • You become part and get access to the broad partner network of Cnet Croup
  • You acquire access to valuable international information and/or capabilities
  • You expand your business with the support of experienced local professionals


  • You enhance your reliability by working with one of the local market leaders
  • Cnet Group’s network supports its partner in marketing and product development activities
  • You get access to a network of highly experienced professionals which will also bring benefit to your existing customers

Cost reduction/Revenue maximization

  • You save on operation costs by relaying on our services
  • You can serve your customers in a more efficient way