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Alan Vega

PRO - NC Name Checking

The module offers a powerful shield against money laundering by detecting names in official sanction lists (Bush-, Seco-, OFAC-, Embargo lists) and PEP-and intern black lists etc.

In a very easy to manage application individual names or even a portfolio of customer data are checked in a batch mode against the lists and discovered overlapping names and very similar to these are included in a report.

Comprehensive match algorithms ensure high quality of the search results. Relevant name overlapping is assessed, even in case those names are whit different spelling and alias descriptions, without providing the user with irrelevant data. Any other information available is taken into consideration (nationality, day of birth etc.) Name checking contains organizationally a complete solution for import, management and update of sanction lists that is crucial for a practical application. All analytical activities are recorded for audit purposes.

Embargo and sanction lists defined by supervision authorities and other official institutions are delivered to the different countries. The quality is proved and through a simple import function lists are updated


Main Characteristics 
 The benefits
  • High quality of search results in neutral performed benchmark tests with highest detecting accuracy and lowest false identification
  • Complete workflow for efficient and reliable handling of detected data including connection to information services
  • High performance with large quantity of data
  • Easy to integrate
  • High quality of detection
  • Simple and user friendly application
  • Reliable solution with audit trail
  • Complete solution
  • Compliant with of all requirements regulated by low
  • Effectiveness of the entire process